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I first met Jeff Winder at a Veterans Shooting Competition at Bisley Ranges.

We were there for the same but different reasons: Disability

Jeff is an amputee and is Physically disabled.

I have C-PTSD and am Mentally Disabled.

Of course being from different regiments in the same Army we started discussions by declaring we were the best in everything.

We both noticed that we were wearing Motorcycle apparel of one kind or another and the banter soon turned to Bikes. Jeff told me about Lets Do - Veterans Support Charity and the rewards he has already had from getting people like us up and out there, back into the Biking world. He asked if I would like to get onboard - I thought yeah this sounds great. I have been working in IT and Media with Google among others since leaving the Army and could certainly lend a hand.

This Charity was Founded in 2014 by 4 Veterans, 3 of which have since passed on - Never Forgotten - one thing they did was have a good go at building a website but it was never finished - So here is me getting dirty digital stuff cleaned and put into order.

Feel free to Contact Us if there is anything you want to ask us.

For your interest see below a Video from the NRA Adaptive Shoot at Bisley from 2017. Comms us and get yourself along. Being a Veteran is not the end - its the beginning :-)

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