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Royal Enfield are the new bikes to watch.


The history of Royal Enfield goes back a looooong way. Based in Enfield London in 1816 making Muskets, Swords, then Rifles and Starting to make Cycle parts as far back as 1855 they went on to trial production of Cycles, then Motorcycles and cars around 1901.




The War Years

The outbreak of World War 1 changed the manufacturing industry in England with many new opportunities for capable companies. Royal Enfield flourished and built a variety of Motorbikes for British and Commonwealth clients. WW2 saw an increase in scale and many more models.



The post war decline in industrial England was a difficult time and many great brands went under. Royal Enfield was a survivor - a sister company was set up in India and production never ceased.

Back to Britain


They recently invested in a huge new development plant near Coventry, England. The facility is massive. They have a very capable prototyping team and full build Research and Development plant here.


They are a brand to watch -

with a great sense of honour to the veterans community -

some new models just about to launch -

 keep your eyes open - Royal Enfield